Letrozole 25 tabs/2,5 mg ( Letrozole )

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Description of the drug Letrozole 25 tabs 2.5 mg

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Manufactured by Chinese manufacturer Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. the drug Letrozole (Letrozole) is a relatively new aromatase blocker used by athletes to eliminate the negative impact of steroid aromatization of the active ingredients in their organism. Research in the field of sports pharmacology show that Letrozole (Letrozole) to cope with the decline of estrogen in the body by 98%, which is really considered good results. While such a powerful effect of the drug Letrozole (Letrozole) means that in order to completely neutralize the estrogen, it should be used in dose of 1/4 tablet and take a day or even less frequently, because the estrogens in small amounts is still important for the body as they maintain the level of cholesterol in the body, positively affect cardiovascular health, supports the immune system and, of course, affecting your ability to build muscle.

the Rate of use of the drug Letrozole (Letrozole)

Everyone who decided to buy Letrozole as an aromatase blocker for the course of training, you should know that even minimal dosages of this drug effective for the neutralization of estrogen. For example, one tablet of this medicine contains 2.5 milligram, and the effectiveness of Letrozole empirically proven, even at dosages of 0.1 - 0.3 milligram, so to compile a course should be approached very carefully and start with the minimum dose, because depending on the individual characteristics of athletes, to act the drug in different ways.

to Buy Letrozole (Letrozole) is recommended for athletes in cases where they need a really strong aromatase blocker, but if the purpose of buying only is the elimination of gynecomastia and fluid retention in the body, it is better to buy Clomid.

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