Anastrazole 25 tabs/1 mg ( Anastrozole )

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Description of the drug Anastrazole 25 tabs 1 mg

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on this page the drug Anastrazole (Anastrozole) from the famous manufacturer of sports pharmacology Zhengzhou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. refers to a group of aromatase blockers and is used by professional athletes on the course a particularly powerful anabolic steroid to prevent the negative effects of aromatization of the active ingredients of steroids in the human body.

the use of the drug Anastrazole (Anastrozole) allows up to 80% to reduce the level of aromatization in the body, causing such unpleasant side effects as fluid retention in the body, gynecomastia can be easily avoided, and Anastrozole acts promptly. These figures lead to the fact that buy Anastrozole suggest many athletes of various sports.

Features of the drug Anastrazole (Anastrozole)

When the first signs of occurrence of side effects from taking strong steroids, buy Anastrozole you need immediately and take it in a dosage of from 0.25 to 1 mg per day. The drug is taken on an empty stomach and washed down with plenty of water to active substance rather fell into the circulatory system. The total duration of the course of the drug Anastrazole (Anastrozole) should be no more than 2 weeks, and this period is sufficient to greatly reduce the level of flavoring.

Athletes-beginners to purchase Anastrozole is mainly not recommended, but women take this medication and prohibited altogether, as in their body this drug can cause serious hormonal changes.

Side effects of the drug Anastrozole (Anastrazole)

the athletes who decided to buy Anastrozole (Anastrazole) as a blocker of aromatase when it is used quite rarely has any side effects and if any do occur, generally only if the individual intolerance of individual components of the drug human body. Also side effects of the drug Anastrazole (Anastrozole) may occur with an overdose.

Among these we can highlight: drowsiness, headache, allergic reactions, asthenia, nausea and vomiting, and diarrhea.

At the same time buy Anastrozole (Anastrazole) is not highly recommend to those people who have problems with cardiovascular system.

In our store you can buy Anastrozole in the form of a bundle and one blister that will enable you to plan for the purchase of the required number of tablets for the course.


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